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About us

BCVO Logistics SRL is a member of the BCVO group.

BCVO Logistics started in 2005 with a fleet of only two trucks and five employees. Since then, the company has grown steadily, reaching a considerable fleet and a complex activity of planning and shipping, thus becoming a leader in this market segment with a good reputation, a generous base of client portfolio and the appreciation of the largest European companies. Transport.

Due to the increasing demands of the transport market, BCVO Logistics has developed a solid policy for managing resources by developing the transport services and establishing the highest quality standards in food transport, certified by the global certification body Lloyd’s Register.

Between 2015 and 2017, BCVO Logistics signed numerous collaboration contracts and managed to significantly increase its customer base and become a preferred partner for many European transport companies.

Currently, BCVO Logistics serves 150 customers, mostly European companies, but also Romanian capital companies. BCVO Logistics benefits from the expertise and professionalism of more than 40 specialists in administration, transport coordination, dispatch, technical assistance, IT services, financial and recruitment. Due to continuous communication, close monitoring and close collaboration, our team is in line with the agreed objectives, namely providing the right solutions for our clients.

Our philosophy

  • The key to success is a solid relationship between customer and supplier, for both fast deliveries and comprehensive planning.

Our Values

It’s our aim to deliver a real and positive difference to our customer’s business performance, without compromising our integrity.

We have a strong commitment to :

  • Providing value to our customers.
  • Gain our suppliers and customers trust through perseverance, innovation and devotion.
  • Developing our employees in conjunction with company growth in the benefit of all contributors to our aim.


International Road Transport:

  • Transport services for genera goods
  • SILO
  • ADR

Our Suppliers support

We use our vast experience and knowledge to deliver continuous improvements in the quality of the service we provide to our customers. Working together with our suppliers openly and collaboratively, we aim to achieve shared growth by generating sustainable delivery services. We aim to develop and nurture our supplier, with the believe that “their success is our success”.

How to become a BCVO Supplier

Our success has been built on delivering a consistently high level of transport service throughout Europe. This ensures that standards and customer expectations are maintained across all Europe.
As you would expect, this collaboration is robust and transparent and carried out under strict rules of confidentiality for both parties.

If you are interested in becoming a BCVO Logistics supplier please contact us at, Tel/Fax: +40 371 503 539 or visit us in  Bistrita , DN 17 nr. 221,Viișoara , 420006 Bistriţa – Jud. Bistriţa – Năsăud, România